Aqua Di Gio & TAP Project
Giorgio Armani and Acqua Di Giò Homme were supporting the UNICEF TAP project’s efforts to provide third world children with clean drinking water. They wanted
our help in promoting both the project and their partnership with it. So we decided to use the imagery of an Acqua Di Giò Homme bottle to illustrate that in some
parts of the world, water is as precious a commodity as perfume is here.

That made for a nice poster, but we wanted to convey this idea in a way that would get
PR buzz and media attention. So we suggested that Giorgio Armani launch a new
limited edition fragrance with no scent at all – ACQUA DI TAP: 100% clean tap water.

Acqua Di Tap would be advertised like a regular perfume, using the face of UNICEF Ambassador David Beckham, and sold in limited edition bottles at special
pop-up stores – with proceeds going to the charity. Magazines ads for the fragrance would have scent strips – with no scent.

Smaller donations could be made to the TAP project by buying unscented "scent cards" from special vending machines.

Facebook app would let people donate $1 to the TAP project by spraying friends with virtual bottles of Aqua Di Tap to. Users would be able to follow the ripple
effect of their actions: how many people they had sprayed, how many were sprayed by them, etc. and the total donations that could be tracked back to them.